Welcome to One NHS Finance

One NHS Finance is a national online conversation for everyone who works in NHS Finance.

We want to hear from the whole finance community working across the NHS, using your collective brilliance to understand how we can work better together and shape the future for Finance staff working across the NHS.

By truly involving all 16,000 finance professionals in a conversation about how we  can work better together, we can ensure issues and challenges are discussed, insight and solutions are driven from the finance community themselves.

This is a new approach to listening to the NHS finance community and our innovative approach to online engagement with independent analysis means we can take your feedback and turn it into a practical plan of action for our community.

How it works

This online workshop is a safe, anonymous space where we can come together to co-create a shared vision for the NHS Finance function. We are seeking your input into key questions about how we can develop and grow our people, learn and innovate together and maximise the impact we can have on patients through our work.

Our online workshop enables us to harness the collective brilliance of all NHS Finance staff and our aim is to identify actions that will:

  • Grow and develop our workforce, making the NHS an employer of choice for people who want to work in finance
  • Ensure we are inclusive, supporting our wellbeing and fostering a culture of belonging and shared purpose
  • Help us improve the way we work together, improving systems and processes, identifying opportunities for innovation and
  • Find ways to learn from each other and work better as a finance community

Our online workshop is similar to a physical workshop but it’s more flexible and inclusive and means we can hear from everyone.

  • The online workshop is anonymous – your name is not attached to anything you share
  • You can join the online workshop from any smart device a PC, tablet or smartphone
  • All NHS Finance staff are welcome to join the conversation
  • You can visit the workshop as many times as you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a time that suits you
  • Everyone can read, rate and comment upon the ideas of others 

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